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Sterling Light Systems, based in Delta County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, offers innovative lighting solutions to reduce energy consumption for the public and the business community. Reductions in wattage can translate into sizable savings on utility bills and energy efficient lighting projects usually qualify for rebates from the power providers. We will provide you with an audit of your existing lighting system, and supply you with an analysis of how best to use the very latest advances in energy efficient lighting in your home, your business or even your gardens. As electric rates continue to rise, investing in long life energy efficient lighting products often result in a return on investment in excess of 30%. Try getting THAT with your other investments!
LED Lighting
LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) lamps have now establishing themselves in both commercial and residential settings and are indeed the future of lighting. Sterling Light Systems deals directly with the LED manufacturers, not several layers of distributors, enabling us to provide the very best products at a very competitive price. We are committed to selling American Made products whenever possible and are happy to now represent several Michigan based companies.
Need Help Deciding?
Knowing what to look for in an LED product can be very confusing. Let us help you find what type of LED is best for your application, For our large wattage fixtures such as streetscape or wallpacks and floods, we offer a free design layout service that will give you a computer simulation of how your area will appear illuminated with our products, complete with foot candle readings. For our low wattage PARs, A19s, BR 30 floods, or troffer replacements give us a call and we can bring our samples to YOU to see how they look in your fixtures. BEFORE you buy.

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