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Our Facility changed its exterior lighting in December of 2013 to Lumecon LED wall pack and flood light solutions sold through Sterling Light Systems and we could not be happier with the results that we have experienced. From the very beginning of our project to the end result, Barbara Bennett, owner of Sterling Light Systems, provided us with a great deal of knowledge about not only the products themselves, but also LED technology in general. She took extra time, above and beyond, what we thought would have been sufficient, to ensure that we were making informed decisions about the improvements to our facility. \

With Sterling Light Systems being located in the U.P. and Lumecon also being located in the State of Michigan, we felt confident that any issues that we may have come across would be thoroughly addressed. We were impressed that Sterling Light Systems specializes in Michigan Made products in addition to other USA Made LED’s. The Lumecon ten year L70 warranty assured the City that this product was of excellent craftsmanship and that our investment would be adequately covered.

We are very satisfied with how our project turned out. The lighting for the building provides an equal, if not higher, light output for the needed areas of our facility while being very user friendly to our immediate neighbors. We have experienced one of the coldest and harshest winters in memory for our area and the lighting units have performed flawlessly. The fact that they are sold as no or very little maintenance for decades is something that we look forward to. The lighting solutions that Sterling Light Systems provided for us met all of our expectations and we were very happy with the service and product that we received.

Paul R. Geyer
Director, Gladstone Public Safety
We used Sterling Light Systems to retrofit our Gladstone, Michigan office. Previously we had old T12 fluorescent fixtures that were very energy inefficient and an eyesore. Sterling Light Systems recommended a super long life triphosphor T8 bulb along with North American electronic ballasts with an excellent warranty and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. Our office is noticeably brighter and the light quality is amazing. We were very satisfied with the job Sterling Light Systems did in getting this project off the ground quickly and efficiently with as little interruption to our agency's business as possible, even arranging for a nights and weekend installation. The rebate process was also handled by Sterling and we are now enjoying a substantial reduction in our monthly utility bills. I would highly recommend Sterling Light Systems for any lighting project.

Bruce Movalson
Owner, Northern Insurance Agency
No surprises start to finish. A well planned and detailed project with excellent customer service.

Ralph Curry
Bay College Buildings and Grounds Superintendent
The Bonifas is VERY pleased with the process in working with Barby and with the outcome. Service was excellent. Barby worked closely with us in finding the right LED lamp for our very specific needs.

Mollie Larson
Executive Director, William Bonifas Fine Arts Center

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