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When you purchase an LED product from a big box store you can often save a few dollars as compared to the commercial grade LEDs that we sell but a word of caution. Read the fine print of the warranty. What is the warranty term? Most quality LED manufacturers will have a warranty of 5 years with a 50,000 hour rated life, the exception being smaller MR 16s or candle type LEDs. Does the warranty cover Color Shift? This occurs when the diodes are not well managed for heat and the substance used to “tint” the diodes to a certain color begins to wear off, leaving you with a very blue LED light. Consider also the cost of paying for the return shipping back to the manufacturer – that is YOUR responsibility – IF you have also saved your store receipt and the original packing material. If one of our lamps fails within the warranty period, Sterling Light Systems will return the lamp and have a replacement shipped to you – at no charge. No receipt needed. The LEDs are coded and you are in our records.

Large wattage fixtures (greater than ~ 25W) have different warranty language. Most LED manufacturers will only replace a fixture if 8% to 15% of the diodes fail. With a term of 5 years. Sounds great, except diodes rarely fail anymore. And what about output, or how bright the light is? As LEDs age they all start to lose lumen output. The speed at which the output decreases is a function of how well the heat is dissipated by the heat sinking. The better the heat sink, the longer the output will be maintained. The industry standard is referred to as L70 which is 70% of the initial output, also the point at which your eyes can just START to discern a difference.

The group of manufacturers that we rely on for our large wattage fixtures and retrofits will warranty output to L70 over the life of the warranty period which is between 7 to 10 years. This is truly the best warranty we have ever seen. Should the output levels fall below 70% of initial, the fixture will be replaced.

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